Beautifully alpine Austria retains its reputation as a small and highly-internationalized economy. The open culture and the favorable geographical location between Eastern and Western Europe have helped Austria become the prime destination for investment capital and innovative entrepreneurs from across the continent. A dynamic economy, coupled with a global perspective, has helped this nation attract the best entrepreneurs and to forge a powerful economy over centuries.

About Austria

As one of the richest nations in the world, Austria continues to be a prime destination for entrepreneurs, canny investors, educated professionals and pensioners from across the world. In 2017, Austria ranked 19th in a list of 190 countries for Ease of Doing Business. Although the growth rate has been weak in the past few years, the OECD estimates that following 2020, the economy will keep growing steadily as international investment continues to recover, the political situation stabilizes, and exports keep gaining momentum.

Austria’s history is still visible in today’s everyday life. The country’s last monarch, Emperor Franz Joseph, still dominates the national consciousness. As head of the powerful Habsburg dynasty, emperor Franz Joseph was a custodian of a vast and multicultural empire. He ruled for 68 years, making him one of the longest-serving leaders in history. Many public buildings in Austria have his initials “F.J.” engraved into them and Austrians view him as a non-politicized figure who represents the glory days of the region’s history. Despite an eventful history, there are aspects of Austrian character and culture that have remained unchanged for centuries. An openness to other cultures and a willingness to be pragmatic are core tenets of this culture.

Austria routinely records the highest levels of immigration every year. For those arriving in Austria to live and work, the country promises a safe, clean, and stable environment. The country’s capital, Vienna, regularly tops global rankings for most livable cities in the world. Reasonable bureaucracy, a vibrant investment scene, easy access to Europe, trade incentives, and an affluent population make Austria one of the best places to reside and launch a venture.

Austria Citizenship and Residency Programs

The Austrian Citizenship Law allows Victims of the Holocaust and their direct descendants to apply for Austrian citizenship.


This Austrian residency program offers persons of independent means (in possession of sufficient income/assets) the opportunity to take up residency in Austria.


Austria’s Business Investor Residency Program enables third-country individuals to obtain a residence permit in Austria when establishing and investing in their own or majority-owned business.


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