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Citizen Lane Launches Hungarian Residence Program

Citizen Lane is pleased to announce that it is now expanding its product portfolio and will now provide is expertise and advisory services for those interested in obtaining the Hungarian Residence Program.

Hungary offers a high quality of life to its residents with good work opportunities and a high Human Development Index; furthermore, residents and citizens of Hungary earn all the benefits of residing in an European Union member country that is also a Schengen Country. Residents of Hungary are free to travel, work, and live throughout the EU and Schengen area.

For non-EU citizens the way to obtain residence is through investment. The Hungarian Residence Program requires the purchase of 300,000 euros worth of specialty zero coupon bonds to be  held for five years, until the amount is returned to the investor. Extra benefits of residence through investment to Hungary are that the country does not have a physical residency requirement after securing their permit, and the applicants family members are also granted permanent residence permits at no additional cost.

While the investment may be simple, there are a few steps involved in securing permanent residency to Hungary and therefore the right to migrate to Hungary if desired. By using Citizen Lane as your trusted immigration advisor we will handle the entire process of the application, using our expertise an our trusted immigration advisors to ensure the entire process runs smoothly.