Why an alternative citizenship?

Citizenship by Investment Programs have to offer various benefits to many people. There is a great variety of reasons for owning more than one passport. They primarily include the following points:


Safer Travel.

By traveling with a passport from a small country, the holder attains the option of being able to protect himself and his family better since the holder of a corresponding citizenship when traveling in unsafe countries is not traveling as a citizen of an industrial nation. As a citizen of a small, politically unaffiliated country, one is more anonymous and safer while on the go.


Travel without a visa, without complications.

For most citizens of the world travel is associated with cumbersome visa formalities. The passport of certain countries opens the door to a clearly higher level of travel comfort and convenience. In many countries these passports also enjoy additional privileges, in that even for countries requiring visas, visas are simplified and issued for longer periods of time.


Gain freedom from tax.

In certain situations an additional citizenship can simplify the tax situation of a person, or make it clearer. The respective situation is always to be discussed in detail with a tax expert.


Being able to choose a safe domicile.

Should it come to instability, unrest or even war at your place of residence in your home country, the passport of a peaceful country will create the independence to be able to flee there quickly and at any time (or depending on the citizenship acquired also to other countries) – and to do this without further formalities or obstacles.


Giving up one’s first citizenship.

Giving up one’s own citizenship should only occur after giving it considerable thought. However, it can be interesting to give up one’s own passport for personal or also tax reasons. However, since according to the citizenship law of most countries it is not possible to become stateless, first another citizenship must be proven. Citizenship by Investment offers a quick and secure way to attain such an alternative citizenship.


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