As Europe’s most populous and industrialized nation, Germany has always had an open door for those seeking a better life and improved opportunities. With unmatched cultural and economic clout, Germany stands head and shoulders above most other countries as a place to live, invest, or start a new life.

About Germany

Germany is the largest economy in Europe. Made up of 16 states, each with a unique cultural identity, the country is united by its rich history and industrious nature. It is world-renowned for its recognizable brands, precision engineering, and high-tech products. Germany has a lot to offer to those seeking a better education, high living standards, or a conducive business environment.

From Bavaria and Munich’s alpine and beer culture to Berlin and Cologne’s nightlife, Germany is a unique blend of work and play. In terms of nominal GDP, Germany is the fourth-largest economy with a $4 trillion GDP. A sizable current account surplus and a relatively high ease-of-doing-business in a very structured legal framework are reflected in its economic success and status.

Home to a welcoming population, the country has always offered pragmatic immigration and residency programs that aim to attract the world’s top talent. The programs offer easy access to students, entrepreneurs, investors, and highly-skilled workers who can augment the country’s economy and have a positive impact on their local community.

Although Germany is a very popular migration destination, there are limited paths to migrate to Germany. This is particularly true for non-EU residents. Options available to non-EU residents to become a German resident are either through investing in an own/majority-owned business, by independent means (having sufficient income, funds, or assets to support you in the country) or by applying for the Germany Blue Card as a highly-skilled worker. This is the path to permanent residency and citizenship in Germany.

Germany Residency Programs

Germany Business Investor Program

The German Business Investor Residency Program allows investors to obtain a residence permit in Germany when investing in an own or majority-owned business.


Germany Persons Of Independent Means Program

This German Residency Program offers persons of independent means (sufficient income/funds/assets) the opportunity to obtain a residence permit in Germany.

Germany Blue Card

The Blue Card is a residence and work permit for highly-skilled workers from non-EU member states. It enables qualified third-country citizens to immigrate to Germany legally and permanently.


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