Portugal Golden Visa Program

The Portugal Golden Visa is a residence by investment program enabling non-EU individuals, who make an eligible investment, to live in Portugal.

Key Facts

  • Minimum golden visa investment: €280,000-€500,000

  • Permanent residence permit after five years

  • Citizenship after five years of continuous residency

  • Travel without a visa across the Schengen area

Benefits of Portugal Golden Visa


Live in Portugal

Right to live, work and study in Portugal



Include your dependents (spouse or common law partner, dependent children, and parents)

EU Travel

Visa-free travel within the Schengen Area


Healthcare & Education

High standard of education and healthcare system

The path to a permanent residence permit and citizenship in Portugal after 5 years

Portuguese Permanent Residency

An investor may apply for a permanent residence permit in Portugal by submitting the application to Portugal’s border agency (SEF). The Portuguese permanent residency will be granted to individuals who:

  1. Have held a temporary residence permit in Portugal (including a Portuguese Golden Visa) for a minimum of 5 years and meets residency requirements;

  2. Have not been convicted of a punishable crime by prison sentence of more than one year during the last five years;

  3. Have sufficient funds to support themselves and all of their dependents;

  4. Have a place of residence in Portugal;

  5. Are in possession of proof of basic Portuguese language skills.

Portuguese Citizenship

Portuguese citizenship may be acquired by individuals who apply for naturalization and:

  1. Have been a legal resident of Portugal for a minimum five years continuous residency (minimum average of seven days per year);

  2. Have sufficient knowledge of the Portuguese language;

  3. Have not been involved nor convicted of a punishable crime of more than three years under the Portuguese law.

Portugal Golden Visa
Eligibility Criteria


Golden visa investors must make one of the following investments to be eligible for a Portuguese Golden Visa:

  • Invest a minimum of EUR 500,000 into a Portuguese Investment Fund or Venture Capital Fund

    • Maturity of at least 5 years

    • Minimum 60% of the investments realized in commercial companies headquartered in Portugal

  • Purchase a property with a minimum value of EUR 350,000 or EUR 280,000 (located in a low density territory)

    • The property must be at least 30 years old or located in urban regeneration areas

    • With a commitment to be refurbished or renovated

    • Residential property is limited to designated interior areas

  • Purchase a property with a minimum value of EUR 500,000 or EUR 400,000 *

    • Residential property is limited to designated interior areas


Additionally, Portuguese golden visa applicants must also fulfil the following requirements in order to be eligible for the Portuguese Golden Visa program:

  • Be a Non-EU/EEA Citizen and over the age of 18

  • Make an eligible investment into Portugal using own foreign funds (from outside Portugal)

  • Be in possession of the investment for at least 5 years minimum

  • No debt to the authorities in Portugal

  • No criminal record

  • In possession of private health insurance cover

  • Have not had illegal visits or stays in Portugal

  • Acquire a tax identification number along with opening a Portuguese bank account in Portugal

  • Must meet residency requirements in Portugal of an average of seven days a year

Golden Visa for Portugal Application Process


How to apply for a Portugal Golden Visa?

  1. Apply and receive a tax identification number in Portugal

  2. Open a Portuguese bank account in Portugal

  3. Finalize the investment according to the golden visa program's requirements

  4. Be in possession of all application documents as required under the Portuguese golden visa program

  5. Complete and submit the golden visa application to the Portuguese Border and Immigration Service (also known as the SEF)

  6. Upon approval of the golden visa in Portugal application, the applicant must visit Portugal in order to submit biometric data before a Portuguese residence permit can be issued

  7. The residence permit in Portugal will be valid for a total of 2 years, which can be renewed every 2 years subject to the applicant abiding to all conditions under the golden visa program and residency in Portugal.

The following relatives may be included in the Portuguese Golden Visa application:

  1. Spouse or partner;

  2. Dependent children under 18 years of age, including legally adopted children;

  3. Dependent children of 18 years old and above who are financially dependent on one of the spouses, as long as they are not married and are currently in education at a recognized educational institution;

  4. Parents of the main applicant or their spouse/partner aged 65 years and above, or under 65 if they are financially dependent on one of the spouses;

  5. Dependent minor siblings.

All dependents should retain and maintain their application requirements in order to renew their residency permits under the Portuguese Golden Visa Program.

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