The Republic of Austria, located in the heart of Europe is very well known for it’s well established connections to Eastern Europe.

Historically Austria has been always a bridge between East and West. The such called double-monarchy of Austria-Hungary has been probably the best evidence for these circumstances. When 1955 the Republic of Austria was established it is one of the most peaceful and politically stable countries in the world. Since 1994 Austria is member of the European Union.

The country is well known for it’s beautiful nature, its mountains and rich culture especially of classical music artists as Wolfgang A. Mozart, Joseph Haydn Gustav Mahler. The country with it’s more than 8 million inhabitants is also very popular as a famous winter sports destination in Europe. The country’s economy today focuses on the service sector and especially in the banking industry the links to the Eastern European world are clearly visible.

Residence in Austria

The Austrian residence program offers persons of independent means the easy opportunity to take residence in Austria if the applicant can prove that he is in possession of sufficient assets. This very straight-forward residence program is ideal for people seeking an easy way to take residence in one of the most peaceful countries in Europe.

Due to its membership of the Schengen zone holders of an Austrian residence permit may travel visa-free in the Schengen zone. After ten years of residence in Austria the applicants may apply for the Austrian citizenship.


Key Facts

Minimum total costs: EUR 70,000

Preparation of application: 2-3 months

Government processing time: 3-6 months

Visa free travel: 26 countries

Factsheet Austria [PDF]

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