UK Passport Holders to Lose EU Passport Benefits Due to “Brexit” Decision

The UK’s stunning decision to decouple itself from the European Union will have serious consequences for British passport holders. British passport holders are currently able to work and reside in all the European Union (EU) countries. When the UK exits the EU, in about two-years, the approximately 1.2 million British expatriates living in EU countries could lose the right to remain at their properties year-round and will not be able to work in EU countries without a valid work visa.


As a non-EU national the Britons applying for a work visa will be treated equally as if they were an Afghan or Burmese citizen. This situation will also have a negative impact on the UK’s ranking in Henley & Partners – Kochenov’s Quality of Nationality Index. While it remains unknown how many ranks Britain will drop, the impact could be significant as Britons will lose the right to settle in 27 countries in one fell swoop.

It is possible that Britain could secure rights for its citizens in its exit negotiations with the EU, or with further bilateral agreements with selected EU member states; however, many EU member countries are not pleased with Britain’s decision, so the split is not exactly on good terms. Many country’s politicians have voiced their opinion that they want the UK to leave the EU as soon as possible. This animosity could impact the negotiations. Right now, the recommendation is that if any British passport holder have any right to obtain a passport of another EU country, that they go ahead and do so.

Not only is there a push for British passport holders to obtain another passport, the UK will probably see its passport application rate decline. While many of the most commonly sought means to obtain a passport to another country include having parents or even grand parents born to another country; this is not the only path. Many are eligible to apply for residency and citizenship to other EU countries through investment. Each country has its own requirements to obtain citizenship or residency through this path. At Citizen Lane we can help you with the process of obtaining citizenship for example in Cyprus or Malta, and through that you can maintain all the rights and privileges that come with being a passport holder of an EU country.


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